Web Analytics - What Gets Measured, Gets Managed

Website Analytics is defined by the Web Analytics Association as “the objective tracking, collection, measurement, reporting and analysis of quantitative Internet data to optimize websites and marketing initiatives.” In short, it’s how you truly determine the effectiveness of your internet marketing efforts, gather the rich data you need to fine-tune your website and ultimately maximize your return on investment (ROI). Every single discipline of Internet marketing relies heavily on web analytics.

Does Web Analytics Really Matter?

Web analytics magically provides you access to incredibly valuable information undreamed of by pre-Internet marketers:

  • Target Your Audience. Learn who your typical customers are and how they get to your site. Age, gender, region and other factors influence how people interact with your website.
  • Check Your Conversion Path. Measure the loss between any two steps on the way to conversion (sale or sign-up). You will need this data in order to perform Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO).
  • Maximize Your Return on Investment. Evaluate the effectiveness of your various marketing methods. Are your pay-per-click keywords paying off? Have you optimized your site for the right keyword search terms and phrases? What kind of lift are you getting from your social media marketing strategy?

Web Analytics Methods

There are two basic methods for collecting analytics big data:

  • Log files: Your server already produces this data, which capture every detail of a user’s interaction with your site. Various free and paid web analytics services can interpret the data for you, or you can outsource it to an analytics company.
  • Page tagging: Also known as “Web bugs,” this method gathers data via the user’s browser rather than your server. Page tagging requires signing up for an analytics service and adding JavaScript tags to each page on your site, and tends to be far more accurate than log files.

You will find that log files and page tagging each have distinct advantages and disadvantages for analytics strategies.

Web Analytics Resources & Inspiration
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“Web Analytics is a Fire Extinguisher. Your Website is on Fire and You’re Burning Cash.”

-Jim Sterne

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Web Analytics is an Ongoing Process
  1. Key Performance Indicators (KPI): Create a set of measurable factors you use to gauge your success so you can consistently chart your site’s long-term performance.

  2. Testing: Test changes to your site and use this data to make continuous improvements.

  3. Consistency: Controlled testing will allow you to more accurately predict what effect changes will have on the site.

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