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Pay Per Click PPC Internet AdvertisingWhile organic search engine optimization generates traffic, it is not instantaneous or immediate. Using search engine marketing methods or programs can deliver traffic online immediately; instead of over a period of months. The most common business model for search engine ads is pay per click (PPC)*.

PPC advertising allows for maximum website exposure while retaining control on the amount you want to spend on your PPC marketing campaign. Moreover, the effectiveness of your ad campaign can be clearly and easily tracked.

Pay per click (PPC) refers to the online advertising payment model in which spend / cost is based solely on qualifying click-throughs. In other words, advertisers only pay the search engine each time someone clicks their ad.

PPC ads are designed to appear in the top premium position and along the right-side bar of the organic or natural listings on a search engine results page (SERP), and are labeled in various ways**. These paid ads are ranked on a SERP based on a live auction model that determines which ads will display and in which positions they will be displayed in.

ClutterDesk Internet Marketing is able to provide your PPC marketing strategy with support and value on your company’s domain. We work with you to manage your PPC efforts and assist you in maximizing your website’s potential search traffic and ulitmately, higher conversions and ROI.

Each project valuation tends to be unique based upon individual goals. However, actionable recommendations can normally be categorized into several subvaluations: long-, medium- or short-term implementation, and high, medium or low impact. This awareness in our approach helps define and produce a work plan that works with your search marketing objectives.

Traffic Acquisition Methodology

Without well researched goals and an understanding of not just what opportunities exist today, but also what opportunities are developing tomorrow and beyond, a successful PPC campaign can never be realized, much less optimized and maximized.

Advanced keyword research strategies coupled with analytics and industry research are foundational elements of ClutterDesk’s PPC Methodology. It is this deep keyword research that will provide awareness and insights into new keyword opportunities, progressive search behaviors and any new potential keyword considerations.

ClutterDesk Internet Marketing’s PPC search management services consist of much more than just keyword bidding. We’ll focus on generating highly targeted, less costly, converting traffic. We offer a complete PPC campaign management program.

“If a good PPC account is not converting, in 99% of cases the landing page is the problem.”

-Brad Geddes

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“I’ve personally saved individual companies, each, over $100K per month on their PPC spend by diligently implementing a strategic PPC roadmap.”

– Jason Brola

Basic Roadmap to Great PPC Management
  1. Keywords Checklist

  2. Ads Checklist

  3. Ad Groups Checklist

  4. Campaign Checklist

  5. Ad Extensions Checklist

  6. Landing Pages Checklist

  7. Tracking Checklist

These 7 basic PPC steps, mentioned above, are an excellent way to begin your journey to saving thousands on your monthly PPC spend.

It is incredibly important for you to realize that the above PPC Management list is very basic and partial. In reality there are at least 2 to 6 sub-tasks under each of the above mentioned master-tasks.

When all of these tasks are committed to and consistently performed as part of your PPC management plan you will save thousands of dollars every month.

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